Configure your cover online

Enjoy as an Aquadeck® partner of the benefits of our Aquadeck® OrderTool. In just a few clicks you can configure your new cover. Just log in, complete the dimensions, options and automatically receive a detailed quotation.

The Aquadeck® OrderTool helps you to avoid mistakes and to increase customer satisfaction. You can make a detailed price calculation, place an order and view your order history.

Mockup Ordertool with slat and Iphones

The advantages of the Aquadeck OrderTool in a nutshell:

  • Available
  • Automatic
    calculation module saves you time 
  • Minimises
    the risk of errors 
  • Place your orders
    quickly and easily, and save them conveniently and unlimited 
  • Download and print
    quotes, with both gross and net prices

Aquadeck® OrderTool

Get started

Go to or download the app from the App Store and Play Store
Log in with username and password on the platform
  • Create a new quotation
  • Change your personal data
  • Log out
Offers & orders

You have 2 folders: offers/quotations & orders placed/sent

Ordertool possibilities
After a quotation is created, you will get the following options:
  • Download quotation
  • Convert quotation into order
  • Duplicate quotation
  • Modify quotation
  • Delete quotation