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Aquadeck® Pool covers

Close…to be perfect

When you choose Aquadeck®, you choose a state-of-the-art product. An Aquadeck® cover works flawlessly, provides safety, saves you money and looks great. Aquadeck®? Close…to be perfect!

Aquadeck® Covers
A range of advantages and possibilities

An automatic pool cover serves several purposes: safety, functionality, energy savings, design, convenience… and intelligence. Every aspect is equally important for Aquadeck®. Just as you judge a book by its cover, the cover defines the aesthetics of your pool. And Aquadeck® goes even further. With an Aquadeck® pool cover, you can count on additional advantages alongside aesthetics:


Aquadeck® Covers

Create your cover story

An Aquadeck® cover stands for aesthetics. A great pool deserves an attractive cover. Your pool cover has its own personality, harmonises perfectly with your pool, and gives your garden extra allure. An entrancing picture. Aquadeck® slats are available in two colours polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and five colours polycarbonate (PC).

PC (Polycarbonate)

Polycarbonate slats are more impact resistant and last longer. Some of our PC slats have integrated solar chambers. These convert solar energy into heat, enabling considerable savings in energy consumption for your pool. Polycarbonate is hail resistant. PC slats are suitable for pool covers up to 6 metres wide.
PC Graphite Solar

Aquadeck® integrations

Do you need a cover for a new pool or an existing pool? In cooperation with your professional pool builder, we offer various installation options for perfect integration. Here are the seven options:

Aquadeck integration


The cover is mounted at the bottom of the pool and placed behind a separation wall. The separation is finished with a special PVC lounger plate that clicks into a pre-mounted stainless steel construction. In this way you can enjoy a shallow terrace, ideal for children or as a relaxation area.

Aquadeck® references

We’re proud of all our projects. Here you find a small selection of our pool covers.

Aquadeck® reference

Aquadeck® reference

Aquadeck® reference

Configure your cover online

Enjoy as an Aquadeck® partner of the benefits of our Aquadeck® Ordertool. In just a few clicks you can configure your new cover. Just log in, complete the dimensions, options and automatically receive a detailed quotation. The Aquadeck® Ordertool helps you to avoid mistakes and to increase customer satisfaction. You can make a detailed price calculation, place an order and view your order history.

The advantages of the Aquadeck Ordertool in a nutshell:

  • Available 24/7
  • Automatic calculation module saves you time
  • Minimises the risk of errors
  • Place your orders quickly and easily, and save them conveniently and unlimited
  • Download and print quotes, with both gross and net prices


Configure your ideal Aquadeck pool cover


Have an overview of net & gross prices


Convert quotations into orders


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