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Operating and maintenance instructions

We recommend that you carefully read the following operating and maintenance instructions for your Aquadeck slatted cover.

Make sure you always have a complete overview of the swimming pool during operation (consider this carefully when using a remote control). Before opening or closing, make sure there are no obstacles present that could block the operation of the cover, such as lawn chairs, an automatic vacuum cleaner hose or pool toys. In an emergency, you can stop the cover with the key switch.

The Solar and transparent covers not only retain the heat in the pool water but also convert solar energy to heat via the special design of the cover slats. This heat is transferred to the pool as the water circulates. If the Solar or transparent slatted cover is not lying on the water, it must be protected from sunlight; otherwise the heat may cause the slats to warp.

You can prevent operation by turning the key switch to the O-position and removing the key so unauthorized persons cannot operate the cover. To create a safer environment, it is recommended that you install grip rails. This will prevent entry at the location in question.

‘Externally mounted’:
Roll up the slatted cover under the protective cover. Make sure the slatted cover is clean and that all leaves and contaminants have been removed. Install a winter pool cover.


If the filter will continue to run, leave the slats on the water. Make sure the slatted cover is clean and that all leaves and contaminants have been removed. Then install a ‘solid weave’ winter pool cover. Do not use a net-type cover. The later type allows sunlight to pass through, which will promote the growth of algae inside the slats during the winter. If the water level is reduced, the filter is protected against freezing. Follow the instructions given above. Remove motors fitted in a motor well and store them in a frost-free location.


With a roll niche behind the pool:
The roll niche must be either completely filled with water or completely empty. It must never be half-filled. This results in damage at the frost line. Switch off the power supply to the control box.


ATTENTION: Do not replace or move slats at low temperatures.

The cover may only be stored in areas that are not exposed to sunlight.

The cover must be placed on the water during a period of cloud cover or in the evening hours. If this is not possible, the cover must be brought from an area protected from sunlight and placed immediately on the water. In this case it is important that the slats do not sit in the sun for any length of time before they are placed on the water, otherwise they will become deformed.

If the solar / transparent cover is lying on the water:
The water circulation (filter system) must be switched on all day long, otherwise heat will accumulate under the cover, causing the slats to age more quickly and possibly become deformed.

If the pool is equipped with a safety provision (hand rail, etc.), the pool must remain full at all times. If the water level becomes too low, the cover will hang on the safety provision along both sides and sag in the middle. The ends of the slats that are no longer cooled by the water will heat up, which can lead to permanent deformation. This also applies to pools with slanted walls.

Externally mounted covers are rolled up above the water level, preventing the slatted cover from coming into contact with the water. For this reason, the reel system must be enclosed on three sides. If no protective cover has been ordered, you must build an enclosure before installation of the slatted cover. The enclosure must not allow any sunlight or heat through, and it must not be in direct contact with the slatted cover because this will result in the transfer of heat from the enclosure to the slatted cover. This would result in the accumulation of heat and deformation of the slats.

The cover must be cleaned.


This must be done on a cloudy day, in the early morning hours or after sunset. Due to evaporation of the water on the slats, mineral build-up may develop on the top surface of the slats. This can be easily removed with Aquadeck slat cleaner.


Recommendation: at least 2x per season.

In an area with many trees, algae may develop in the links of the cover. This can be removed with hypochlorite (liquid chlorine). Thin this with water to a 50% solution and pour it over the entire cover with a watering can. This will cause the algae to burn inside the links.



ROGYPAL© AC-315 should be diluted in a ratio of;

Regular maintenance 1 :5

Serious contamination 1: 3

If the pool is emptied, rolled-up covers must be protected from the sun. In this case it is recommended that a sun- and heat-resistant film be erected on a frame placed over the reel system. This prevents the film from coming in direct contact with the slatted cover and prevents a build up of heat.

We accept no liability for damage that results from improper handling of the cover.

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