New in 2024

At Aquadeck®, we have a passion for pools and covers. We see the cover as the most defining part of a pool. With care and craftsmanship, we produce high-quality slatted covers in-house. Thanks to this passion and expertise, Aquadeck has been a leading manufacturer of automatic cover systems for 25 years.

Our most important partner? That’s you, the pool builder. Every day, you work with our products. Together, we follow trends and look for innovations, because innovation is never-ending. It can always be better, smarter, or more beautiful. That’s why Aquadeck is launching a range of new features this year as well. We are pleased to list them for you.

Aquadeck proudly presents the new PC Cobalt Solar slat. A beautiful polycarbonate slat with solar functionality. PC Cobalt Solar has a deep blue chic glow and looks very natural.

PC Graphite Solar will now feature a “smoke cap” and transparent sealant. This cap complements the slat beautifully, making the overall appearance much more stylish.

This cap complements the slat beautifully, making the overall appearance much more stylish. The black caps and sealant give the slat a much calmer and more sophisticated look.

To better guide the first slat along elements such as skimmer flanges, many customers use our specially designed “shark fins.”

The shark fins have been made stronger and more attractive, naturally matching the new colors of the caps.

The Aqua DCB Digital Control Box makes installation and programming easier for the pool builder. Thanks to the DCB’s Bluetooth module, you can add the control box to the Aquadeck PoolCover app with a smartphone and set up the cover. The motor’s rotation direction can also be changed, speeds adjusted, and the control box can be used with all other brands of tube motors.

In addition to the new DCB control box, we are also launching an LED

control panel. This is a touchscreen that allows the cover to be opened and closed. To operate the cover, a code must be entered first, preventing unwanted operation (for example, by children). This is all in the interest of safety.
Any error codes from the DCB can also be easily read via the control panel.

Tip: Choose the DCB control box if you know your client wants to operate the cover with a touchscreen. The touchscreen can be added later and connected to the DCB control box with a wire.

new slat color